Board Members Meet with Founders

FoundersMeeting.jpgMembers of the NDDC’s Executive Committee met with the organization’s founders this afternoon. The purpose of the meeting was to get feedback from the original leaders on the group’s recent accomplishments, current priorities, and on-going work plans.

Back in 1999, every Tuesday morning at 7 am, Bardwell Smith, Brett Reese, Jim Braucher and Keith Covey met to talk about creating an organization that focused on Northfield’s authentic, historic downtown. The result of their efforts was the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation.

Seated around the table from left to right are current board members Keith Covey, Mary Rossing, and Dave Shumway, past board members Brett Reese, Jim Braucher, and Bardwell Smith, and current board member Dan Bergeson.

The group reaffirmed their belief in encouraging and supporting private efforts, praised the organization’s role as a catalyst for bringing people together, stressed the importance of taking a comprehensive approach, and discussed a variety of possible roles for the NDDC in downtown development.

The final comment was “this was a lot of fun; let’s do it again sometime…soon”.