Downtown Stakeholders Comment on NDDC’s ’09 Work Plan

January09Forum.jpgA dozen or so people choose fresh cookies at the Archer House over Butter Burgers at Culver’s opening early Tuesday morning and offered the NDDC Board of Directors feedback on the Work Plan for 2009. Their thoughts were much appreciated and a number of the suggestions initiated immediate actions.

With the current economic situation much on many minds, short-term plans, even in the first quarter of the year, were widely supported. Any potential boost in the traditionally quiet months of January and February was enthusiastically encouraged.

Obtaining more precise, documented, and usable data on Northfield’s “market”, including the markets for the downtown district, Northfield’s retailers, available spaces, and cultural tourism, was discussed. Getter a bigger bang for our “marketing buck” was clearly proclaimed as a top priority.

Action steps that didn’t require a substantial financial cost were also raised. Removing obstacles to business expansions was identified by several participants as a potential key to greater economic vitality.

Continuing collaborations for increased leverage of scarce resources seemed to be almost a mantra for the group. Current collaborations were praised and potential collaborations were considered.

One potential collaboration that was pursued during the meeting was promoting Northfield’s assets and offerings to the college’s alumni. Several potential vehicles were identified and necessary connections were put into place during the course of the discussion.

The conversation did not end with the meeting’s conclusion. The ideas continue to show up in my e-mail box.

Thanks to all who attended and continue to participate!