NDDC Continues Progress on Commercial Property Taxes

HistoricPropertyPropertyTaxChallenges.jpgThe NDDC’s E R Team continued its forward progress on the issue of high commercial property taxes with another visit to the State Legislature. The group once again met with Representatives David Bly and Paul Marquart, as well as their staff of tax and legislation experts, to detail the legislative proposal and strategy for the current session.

The bill discussed will offer state property tax relief to commercial buildings at least fifty years old, located in older commercial districts in towns of under 40,000 throughout Greater Minnesota. As the professionals draft the legislation, we are calculating its potential benefits for downtown Northfield.

By pursuing such a policy, the NDDC believes that the State of Minnesota will take a significant and meaningful step toward protecting and increasing economic vitality in Greater Minnesota. This legislation will help assure that older commercial districts continue to contribute to the health and vitality of our communities, support the retention and recruitment of residents and businesses, and help maintain the quality of life in the small towns and cities throughout the state of Minnesota.

We again thank Representatives Bly and Marquart for all their work on this matter. They have brought light to a long-time issue and hope to long-time advocates in downtown Northfield.