Carleton Calendar Promotes Northfield

CarletonCalendar.jpgAt a recent Downtown Forum, a number of attendees suggested that promoting Northfield’s assets to the colleges’ alums might be a worthwhile pursuit. In fact, Carleton College has already produced an artful piece of promotion.

This is a photograph of the calendar on the wall of the NDDC office. The picture for February is Tiny’s Dogs All Day. Ah, just looking at it makes my mouth water.

The calendar that Carleton produced to send out to its alums is full of beautiful images of Northfield’s assets, including the 4th Street Bridge and the Ames Mill Falls for March, the Rueb-N-Stein for May, Historic Building Facades on Division Street for June, and the James-Younger Gang riding away from the Northfield Historic Society’s Bank in September. The cover of the calendar features a creative shot of the DJJD Raid Re-enactment with the title “Northfield: Carleton’s Home Town”.

I hope that the calendar is as effective in attracting alums to Northfield as the photo for February was in luring me to Tiny’s. In fact, I’m heading there for lunch right now.