Candied Gift Ideas from Eileen Seeley

DowntownNorthfieldCocoaBeanThe holidays are a great season and reason to give and receive sweets.  My recent visit to Cocoa Bean clearly demonstrated that I’m not the only one to think of this good excuse for the consumption of candy.

The Cocoa Bean has been part of Northfield for twenty-five years.  Eileen Seeley and her family have been the owners for the past ten years, and have occupied the present space for just over two years.  Every small town should be fortunate enough to have a candy store.

Eileen suggested fresh fudge as her first gift idea and the Cocoa Bean has a great selection; my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  She offered truffles as an elegant treat to find waiting for a loved one under the tree.  Eileen also advised that flavored coffee can be a pleasant surprise and noted that she carries a dozen different flavors.

The shop proudly carries a wide selection of made-in-Minnesota products, according to Eileen, and these make excellent gifts.  That’s the kind of “eat local” campaign that I could support, twelve months a year!.

DowntownNorthfieldCocoaBeanEileenSeeleyFinally, Eileen showed me several sizes of gift boxes.  You can choose your own selection or let Eileen create a special package for you.

So stop in the Cocoa Bean for some literally sweet gift ideas from Eileen.  It will, indeed, be like the icing on the cake.