Sweet Gift Ideas from Vicki Cooper

DowntownNorthfieldPresentPerfectI stopped in at Present Perfect to get some gift ideas from owner Mary Rossing.  Silly me, I forgot that she’d probably be busy with some mayoral responsibility on a Monday afternoon.  Fortunately, as is often the case, her cheerful and friendly employee, Vicki Cooper, was there to help.

Vicki started with the Funky Chunky Candy Cane.  It looked so tasty that my mouth literally started watering.  Based on my enthusiasm for that suggestion, she reminded me about the B. T. McElrath chocolate; it works wonders on Valentine’s Day, so might be just as effective for Christmas, Hannukkah, or Kwanzaa.

PresentPerfectSweetIdeasShe then led me to the Jelly Cat stuffed animals.  As you can see by the picture, as my daughers used to say, they’re SOOO CUUUTE!.  Seriously, check ’em out.

Her path next took us to the game section.  Present Perfect has quite a good selection.  I will admit that I was somewhat amused (a bit of irony, perhaps?) by the one called “Smart Mouth”.

Finally, it is a little known fact that Mary carries a number of what I’d call kitchen tools.  Let’s face it, we can all use new kitchen towels and hot pads now and then.  The Organic Kitchen products are of a very high quality.

So, to find something for just about literally everybody on your shopping list, stop in to Present Perfect.  Mary and Vicki are always an endless source of ideas.