NDDC Receives Feedback from Stakeholders

PresidentCoveyPresentsNDDC President Keith Covey and Executive Director Ross Currier discussed the organization’s recent planning process and presented the resulting Work Plan for 2010 at yesterday’s Forum.  Over a dozen hardy stakeholders braved the cold to provide their honest feedback and additional thoughts to the NDDC Board Members.

NDDC Committees are continuing to tweak their areas of the Work Plan at their monthly meetings.  All additional stakeholder feedback is welcome.  The outline of the plan is presented below:

NDDC 2010 Work Plan
Initial Sketch from 11/18/09 Planning Session
November 30th, 2009 Draft, December 30th, 2009 Revisions

MARKETING (reach out to residents while encouraging visitors):
– Get people Comfortable Coming Downtown with Monthly Events
– Events/Promotions should have Themes (customers bring the energy)
– Retail Reference Index, Quarterly Crawl, Consistent Hours

PLANNING (short-term initiatives for long-term vitality):
– Implement Parking Work Plan, Bike Trail Leverage Plan
– Be prepared to support Private and Public Development Projects
– Clarify NDDC’s Role in Community Planning

ECONOMIC RESTRUCTURING (support existing businesses while pursuing new businesses):
– Retention: On-going Survey of Stakeholder needs and Strategic Advocacy
– Recruitment: Maintain Target Business List/Formalize Recruitment Package
– Redevelopment: Maintain Available Property List, Support Private Initiatives

COMMUNICATING (facilitate exchange of information between downtown stakeholders and interested parties):
– Identify Community Web Portal, NDDC site supports it (residents & visitors)
– Partner on Forums – Collaborative Advocacy
– Partner with Colleges to Connect with World

SUSTAINING (assure organization’s on-going ability to pursue its mission):
– Increase Leverage from NDDC Website, Communicate NDDC’s Value
– Consider Conducting Events as Income Sources
– Explore Membership Concept, Expand Sponsorship Model

To share feedback, call or e-mail the NDDC or talk with one of the Board Members.  All are eager to hear your thoughts.

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