The Best of Northfield? Downtown!

Perhaps that’s a bit of a sweeping statement.  However, downtown did do quite well in the recent Northfield Entertainment Guide‘s “Northfield’s Best of 2009“.

Downtown Northfield was the winner of two categories, “Best Visitor Attraction” and “Best Place for People Watching”.  The NDDC’s “Be Local” promotion was also tied for second in the category of “Best Advertising Campaign”.

Downtown was well represented throughout the “Best” winners.  Medalists in the “Music Venue” category were The Contented Cow, The Tavern Lounge, and The Grand Event Center.  Top “Bartenders” represented The Tavern Lounge, The Contented Cow, and Froggy Bottoms River Pub.  “Happy Hour” was a particularly competitive category with The Contented Cow, Froggy Bottoms River Pub, The Tavern Lounge and Grundy’s Rueb’N’Stein all scoring points.

The downtown winners continued.  For “Non-Alcoholic Offerings”, the top three were Goodbye Blue Monday, Tiny’s Dogs All Day, and Hogan Brothers Acoustic Cafe.  For the “Under 30 Crowd Attraction”, it was The Tavern Lounge, Froggy Bottoms River Pub, and The Rueb’N’Stein.  For the “Teenage Attraction”, The Key was triumphant.

In the category of “Gifts”, The Sketchy Artist came out on top of last year’s winner, Present Perfect.  The Sketchy Artist also took top honors in the categories of “Hidden Gem” and “Best of the Best”.  “Women’s Clothing” featured The Rare Pair, Anna’s Closet, and Sisters Ugly.  “Men’s Clothing included The Rare Pair, Larson’s Printing, and Ragstock.  The Rare Pair also took the “Window Display” category

Downtown had winners in other categories too.  Just Food Co-op took the honor in “Groceries”, Buzz Salon was the winner in “Salon/Barbershop”, Witt Bros. Service, Inc. topped “Auto Shop” and “Best Value” was the Tavern Restaurant Breakfast.

The Entertainment Guide also ranked restaurants by almost 20 categories and items.  However, it’s too much information to summarize here so pick up a Guide and check out page 33 for more details and see what’s happening in the month of February…in downtown Northfield