Butler’s Eats Local

Butler’s Steak & Ale has taken the Eat Local Challenge.  With this locally-owned downtown restaurant featuring items that are made substantially with ingredients from local farmers and producers, you can eat out while you eat local.

The Eat Local Challenge is being promoted locally by Just Food Co-op.  The Challenge is to eat 80% of your food from the 5-state area in the months of August and September.  With plenty of local produce available at the Farmers’ Market (and Just Food), it’s a good time to Cook Local.

However, maybe you’d like to take a night off from cooking.  With Butler’s Steak & Ale serving dishes made with local ingredients, including local grass-fed beef, you can eat out AND eat local.

2 thoughts on “Butler’s Eats Local

  1. So does Norm use grass-fed meat and other local ingredients at his other restaurants as well? My family loves Chapati and I see he has a new cafe opening up in the old Sweet Lou’s location.

  2. Stacy –

    According to Butler’s website, “Chapati, Pan Pan Cafe and The Contented Cow will also have some local specialties on their menus”.

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