Save Our Post Office – End of May Update

As Northfield nears the end of the 60-day comment period on the USPS concept to close the downtown postal facility, the NDDC, as convener of the Mayor’s Save Our Post Office Task Force (SOPO), thought it would be a good time to share an update with the public.

Two weeks ago. Congressman John Kline’s office got involved in the issue.  The congressional staff has been a much-appreciated addition of energy, ideas, and information to our efforts.  A conference call between the Washington office, the Minnesota office, City Administrator Tim Madigan, Councilor Suzie Nakasian, and NDDC staff led to a focused strategy for key next steps.

Last week, a letter from the City Council was sent to USPS Regional Director Anthony Williams requesting a postponement of the decision to consolidate so that an alternative plan could be developed.   At the suggestion of congressional staff advisors to this project , an accompanying Task Force letter was also sent to Mr. Williams indicating that our City’s SOPO Task Force is in negotiation with his USPS area representative on an alternative proposal that will reduce USPS operating costs while allowing them to maintain a downtown presence.

At Mr. Williams’ own verbal request to congressional staff members, our letter outlined the information we have requested to detail our alternative proposal.   Congressman Kline’s Office has sent an accompanying letter asking Mr. Williams to heed Northfield’s request.  As we await the USPS response, we will continue to develop our alternative proposal when we meet next week.

The Northfield City Council has been unanimous in its support of our efforts.  We have kept the staff of Senators Klobuchar and Franken informed.  Congressman Kline’s office is clear that they feel we are on the right course.

Please keep signing petitions and sending letters, for one more, long, weekend.  The fourth quarter is not the time to slacken our efforts.

Thank you for all your support.