Downtown Bike Rack Map Updated

As part of a community-wide effort to encourage bicycle transportation a few years ago, the NDDC produced the first Downtown Bike Rack Locations Map.  It showed the locations of all the bike racks, both privately and publicly provided, in downtown Northfield.

Although you could probably locate one of the HPC-approved “hitching post”-style bike racks with a quick glance down the sidewalks, we thought the map might serve another purpose.  Our hope was that the map would send a signal that downtown Northfield was “bicycle-friendly”.

It seems to have served this purpose well.  Out-of-town visitors to our site have commented that they have never before seen a community with a map of the bike rack locations.

We recently updated the map.  Both the private and public sectors have added bicycle parking capacity to the downtown, most recently the nifty new bike rack at the Quarterback Club.

The map is an always-available resource on the home page of our website, along with the Downtown Directory of businesses, under the section labeled “ Essentials”.  Give it a look, and bring your bike downtown.  Downtown Northfield welcomes bicycles.