NDDC Board Visits By All Means

The NDDC Board…okay, the NDDC Board President, Greg Kneser…visited By All Means Graphics.  Greg, Rob, and I had a wide-ranging and interesting discussion at the end of a Friday afternoon.

Owner Rob Schanilec started his business in St. Paul in 1985.  Then he wanted a place to raise children and was attracted to Northfield’s river, historic downtown, and two colleges.  He’s been here 12 years and says it’s terrific.

Northfield works because it’s so integrated, says Rob.  Everything is within walking distance, at least in downtown.  The arts, culture, restaurants, and retailers attract the type of professional service firms that By All Means supports.  The small office spaces that are available, within the network of support services, make downtown Northfield an excellent location for start-ups.  Rob also notes that he’s got a great landlord.

As for possible improvements, he wishes that the bank was open later, maybe until 6 or 7 p.m.  With the tight credit conditions in the current economic environment, he hopes the City will support local business expansion by providing low-interest gap financing.  Finally, he pines for a slightly wider selection of restaurants, including another low-cost option like Tiny’s.

As for how the NDDC might help him, Rob wondered if we might organize a comprehensive downtown take-out menu.  Okay Rob, we’ll ask the Marketing Committee to get working on it.