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Downtowners in the Circle of Service

IMG_2472w800.jpg P6301051w600.jpg IMG_2467w800.jpg IMG_2483w800.jpg circleofservicealbumtn.png
Northfielders with downtown connections were part of last Saturday’s Circle of Service crew, volunteering at the new Sechler Park playground. They spread two mounds of woodchips throughout the play area and the group’s $50/person donation was used to purchase five trees from Knecht’s Nurseries and Landscaping which were planted around the play area. Click the photos to enlarge and see the dozen+ photos posted in the Flickr photo set.

Left: Cannon Valley Veterinary Clinic‘s Mark Werner and First Ward City Councilor Jim Pokorney.
Left center: bagpiper Steve Hamilton and Heidi Hamilton, Northfield City Engineer/Public Works director.
Right center: Norman Butler, proprietor of downtown restaurants Chapati and Contented Cow.
Right: Joel Walinski, City of Northfield Operations Manager, Steve Hamilton, and downtown business ownser/CPA Leota Goodney.

Downtown crime update: Jim Crow’s convertible taken for a joy ride; recovered

IMG_2356w1000.jpgAttorney Jim Crow was out of town last week, aIMG_2417w1000.jpgnd yet somehow, a group of unidentified street sidewalk thugs in front of the Goodbye Blue Monday coffeehouse managed to get ahold of his car on Friday morning and use it for unsavory purposes. Goodbye Green Mustang.

The smell of burning rubber hung in the air long after I took the photo on the left. Right: two of the perpetrators revealed themselves to the victim this morning. Click photos to enlarge.