Give to Your Community and Your Community will Give Back

I spent some time Saturday afternoon in the KRLX studio with Griff, Morgan and Cameron, (doing the podcast thing)…and our special guest, Elizabeth Schott, Executive Director of the Northfield Area United Way. This year’s community campaign is coming to a close and Elizabeth was sharing an update with us.

I learned a number of things about the United Way during the session. One thing that I had heard before but is worth repeating is that all the money that is raised in the community stays in the community. Your contributions are not shipped off to New York City or Washington, D.C., they are used to support programming in the Northfield area. Another thing that merits special mention is the tremendous generosity of our local businesses. When you spend money in Northfield some of that money is reinvested in the community. Finally, Elizabeth talked about the increasing number of contributions from the Latino community. We must be doing something right about welcoming them to Northfield as they are already starting to give back to the community through donations to the United Way.

To learn more, visit the Northfield Area United Way website. And if you haven’t already donated, help them reach their goal and to continue to support this important community programming.