NDDC Secures Funding for Historic Downtown Northfield Sign

After a year of hard work, the NDDC has secured funding for the first sign in its Historic Downtown Northfield sign program. The sign will greet southbound travelers on Highway 35.

The sign is the idea of NDDC Board Member Anastasia Balfany. Determined to do something to add to the vitality of downtown, Anastasia discovered the Municipal Historic Sign program, researched the requirements, sketched out the specifications for such a sign and brought it to the NDDC Board of Directors. They were, of course, excited and supportive.

NDDC Board Member Tristan Cox worked with NDDC Founder Jim Braucher on specifying the installation, and the admittedly somewhat challenging engineering, and developed a cost estimate. He also met with Rice County staff and, along with NDDC Board Member Keith Covey, explored relevant legal issues. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Tristan secured a site for the sign.

The next step was obtaining funding. Although NDDC Board Members, Community Advisors and Downtown Stakeholders indicated that they would contribute something for the program, many people thought that it was a project that the Convention and Visitors Bureau should support. Late last year, NDDC Board Members Dan Bergeson and Joe Grundhoefer asked the CVB Board for financial support. CVB staff recommended that it be tabled.

The NDDC doesn’t give up easily. We persevered. Last Thursday, when Joe repeated the request, the CVB this time voted to give the NDDC financial support for the Historic Downtown Northfield sign. We think it’s a big win for our whole community.

…and it’s all because Anastasia had an idea…