Locally Grown Podcast #13: Return to DIY

Remember this scene? It’s Griff Wigley installing the recording system in the ceiling of the NDDC office. The scheduling of Senior Celebrations at Carleton College conflicted with Locally Grown’s use of the KRLX studio, so we went back to the Do-It-Yourself mode this morning.

See the blog entry on Northfield.org for episode #13. Our topics were:

1) the (draft) Economic Development Plan (where we acknowledge the significant potential value of the process and ask some good questions about some of the results),

2) the future of the Q Block planning process (where we praise the efforts to develop a long-range, big-picture concept and ask some good questions about the process to date), and

3) the optional chapter 1306 of the state building code (where we urge consideration of the economic and physical destructiveness of this controversial chapter of the state building code and share research on what appears to be a flawed adoption process).

You heard it all here first, folks.