Big Dreams for the Q Block

There has been quite a bit of NCO Issues List discussion on development in Northfield lately. Recent twists and turns in the conversation have been the proposed movie theater south of town and possibilities for the redevelopment of the Q Block.

Some people have suggested that a movie theater on the Q Block would add to the economic vitality of downtown. Others have responded that it would be impossible to fit a movie theater on the Q Block. In such situations, I generally look to other communities to see if there are comparable models and, as I have learned working in Northfield, unless these models are in Minnesota, they are suspect. After all, Milwaukee is located in the land of Cheeseheads.

The photograph illustrating this blog is the relatively new construction movie theater on Hopkins’ Main Street. There are six screens located in the middle of the block, with restaurants anchoring both ends of the block and a parking ramp behind it. Although I haven’t been there in a few years, my recollection of the development is that it would fit on the Q Block.