Taste of Northfield in Downtown

For July’s Third Thursday event (that would be July 20th) the NDDC is sponsoring the First (hopefully) Annual Taste of Northfield.

The project is the brainchild of high school buddies (and NDDC Board Members) Joe Grundhoefer (pictured at left cooking the “Best Burger in Town” during Crazy Daze) and Brett Reese (one of the founding fathers of the NDDC).

At the last NDDC Board Meeting, Joe proposed that we implement a plan that Brett has been talking about for years, a Taste of Northfield, and that he and Brett (along with the usual cast of characters) would pull it together in time for Third Thursday (a typical NDDC schedule). Brett was vacationing in Europe at the time, so the rest of the board enthusiastically agreed to support the plan and designated that team to provide necessary leadership to the effort.

Oh, uh, Brett, I was supposed to tell you about this at our meeting this morning. Oops, well, please consider this to be the official notification and let me know if there’s anything that I can do to help you and Joe with this exciting new initiative.

So come on down(town) to a Taste of Northfield, Thursday, July 20th.