Yes, Griff Wigley, Ross Currier and Tracy Davis, known collectively as Locally Grown, are back on the radio, back on the computers and back on the iPods (although I still don’t completely understand them and am not even sure that I spelled it correctly).

It’s a new time on Carleton College’s radio station, KRLX, (4:30 pm on Tuesdays), a new website (LocallyGrownNorthfield.org), but the same old fearless discussions of issues that we think are important to our community.

For the September 26th broadcast, we do a little housekeeping, promote the Spelling Bee for Booker, give folks a heads-up on the League of Women Voters’ panel discussion of the Downtown Library Expansion, and urge people to give us input on topics for upcoming shows.

Check out the nifty new website, where you can leave either a written or a spoken message. Whatever your message-leaving preference, let us know what topics you’d like us to tackle, in our ever irrepressible style.