Latest Addition to Our Growing Art Town

Nick Sinclair and Stephen Delwiche may be the advance party of the next generation of Northfield’s art community.

In an entrepreneurial effort that promises to truly serve Northfield artists, Nick and Stephen are opening Grezzo Gallery, a place where local artists can make and show their art. They are focusing on emerging artists from the area. Their current show confirms this theme, featuring the work of Lisa Otte, Joe May, and Lindsy Halleckson, along with pieces by Nick and Stephen.

The gallery also plans to serve a broad segment of the market for art. They plan to offer posters and limited edition prints at affordable prices. Nick and Stephen believe that, along with the development of new generation artists, a new market for art is emerging. They seek to place art in homes and offices of that elusive, at least for Northfield, 20-something to 30-something age group.

Grezzo plans to feature a new artist every month. The next show, opening this week, will feature works by Leanne Stemcha and her friends, including Cathy Collison, Sue Hammes-Knopf, Collen Riley, Elizabeth Schott, and Jennifer Wolcott.

Nick says that the partners plan to stage an opening the first Friday every month. He hopes to help reinvigorate Northfield’s Art Crawl, bringing new energy to the event.

So come on down(town) and check off something new and (I hesitate to say it in Minnesota) different in Northfield’s art scene.