I Was a 90 Pound Weakling…

…until I checked out Snap Fitness.

Yes, bullies from Dundas used to threaten to kick over my sand castles or snatch away my river bridges. Then I visited Snap Fitnesses, a recent business start-up owned by NDDC Board Member Tristan Cox out on South Highway 3 (indeed, fully one-quarter of NDDC Board Members have business located on South Highway 3; hey, we’re all working for local economic success)…and, yes Carol, he is also my nephew.

At any rate, within minutes of working out at Snap Fitness, my biceps went from buckshot pellets to cannon balls. My blood pressure started to drop, my self confidence started to rise and I’m sure I started getting more respect from…well, at the very least, my old friend Glenn Switzer.

So stop in and say “Hello” to NDDC Board Member Tristan Cox and check out his new exercise equipment. He’ll be happy to show you around.