Chamber, City, NDDC Work on Retail Strategies

At yesterday’s Downtown Forum, several of the participants suggested that the Chamber, the City and the NDDC work together to assure retail vitality.

We’re on it.

Although all three groups are committed to on-going improvement in communication and outcomes, we are already working together. This afternoon we had a previously scheduled meeting to discuss better coordination of retail strategies. Pictured are Kathy Feldbrugge (Chamber), Keith Covey (NDDC), Brian O’Connell (City), Deanna Kuennen (City), Ross Currier (NDDC) and Joe Grundhoefer (NDDC). Many of the issues and actions that were raised at yesterday’s Forum were discussed today.

We’re in the process of evaluating current strategies, implementing existing plans, and gathering new ideas. Let us know about the challenges and opportunities that you see. As we said yesterday, you are the “experts”.