Very Short Blog Festival

In today’s Strib South section, there’s a brief interview with Brendon Etter, founder of the Northfield Arts Guild‘s Very Short Play Festival. David Gustafson, the interviewer, suggests that “Northfield residents are always involved in some quirky creative activity”. Brendon reacts by saying the town is becoming more suburbanized, as if that might be a threat to creativity.

At last night’s Planning Commission meeting, during the discussion of the Comprehensive Plan, there were many remarks about suburbanization, or homogenization, as some members seemed to prefer calling this apparent trend. At the end of the discussion, the Commission reached consensus that Northfield should try to grow by neighborhoods instead of by subdivision.

Perhaps if she’s not too busy tossing tomatoes, Tracy Davis could blog a thesis analyzing the relationship between community design and artistic inspiration on Locally Grown.

I won’t even mention the Strib’s second description of Northfield as “quirky” in last twelve months.