Contra Dance…Downtown

When I heard the expression “Contra Dance“, the first thing that came to mind was the group that was being supported by Ollie North (stuffing documents, regarding the illegal arm sales to Iran, down the pantyhose of Fawn Hall) for the purpose of overthrowing the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. It would appear this mental response may date me but has nothing to do with the dance.

The Contra Dance in question seems to be associated with folk dancing, especially in New England. However, I have been assured that it can include schottisches, polkas and hambos, which are popular in these parts. Perhaps as part of the dance instruction at 7 pm, the organizers will explain the “contra” title.

At any rate, the dance is tonight, February 23rd, 7 to 10:30 pm at the Northfield Armory, 519 Division Street, Downtown Northfield. The cost is $9 adults, $6 children with a $20 per family cap. No prior contra dance experience, dancing partner, or political leaning is required. Comfortable shoes are recommended.