Grezzo Gallery Increases Art Town Reputation

In today’s (Wednesday, 2/21/07) StarTribune South section, there is an article featuring Grezzo Gallery. We hope it’s only the beginning of fame and fortune for Grezzo and Northfield.

The article name checks four other galleries in town but mentions that there are more places in our community that display art. I know that the Northfield Entertainment Guide often lists at least a dozen places showing art each month. For a relatively small town, we’re growing a pretty decent “scene”.

The owners, Nick Sinclair and Stephen Delwiche, can differentiate themselves from the other galleries in at least one way, they’re younger. It shows up in their “product-development technique”. Reaching out to local and state artists for possible shows, they use “social-networking website” MySpace.

This new-fangled approach seems to be working. They’ve already booked a year’s worth of work from Minnesota artists for their monthly exhibits.

…and they let the Metro Area hear, once again, about the art scene here in Northfield.