It Must Be Spring: ArtSwirl Organizers are Sprouting

Jill Enestvedt for ArtSwirl

They don’t need the sun in the sky, warmth in the air or rain in the soil. All it takes to perk up these folks is a love for and commitment to Northfield’s artists.

Jill Enestvedt (pictured) was coaxed out of “retirement” to provide leadership for the fourth annual celebration of art in our community. She is joined this year by an energetic and creative group that includes Nick Sinclair (Grezzo Gallery), Liz Carpentier (The Art Store), Jessica Paxton (digs), Ally Beyer (Rare Pair), Wendy Smith (the Zillionaires) and Rachel Haider (the Arts Guild).

The “10 Days of the Arts” runs from August 2nd to August 12th this year. They’ve got some exciting new ideas to link the studios with the galleries and the galleries with the cafes. There are also new programs planned for this year, some geared to children and some geared to adults.

The ArtSwirl “task force” meets the 4th Tuesday of every month from 6 to 7 pm at Tiny’s Dogs All Day. The next meeting is March 27th.