Barbara Flanagan, My Soulmate

sidwalk_dining.jpgFrom the Thursday Star Tribune:

“Tuesday was officially Barbara Flanagan Day in the City of Lakes. Mayor R. T. Rybak signed the proclamation in honor of the longtime Star Tribune columnist and her unflagging support for sidewalk cafes.”

When I first moved to Minnesota about a quarter of a century ago, I used to love reading Flanagan’s column. I really admired her unflagging determination to get an ice rink created at the old railroad depot site in downtown Minneapolis.

Little did I know that she was my Sidewalk Dining Soulmate…

…so I did a little searching in the archives. Apparently, Minneapolis has had sidewalk dining for many decades but almost lost it in the early ’70s, only to be saved by Barbara Flanagan and Mayor Charlie Stenvig’s trip to Oslo, Norway. Now there’s a story on economic development.

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