Beatniks Return

beatnik_eyes.jpgIn case you didn’t know, this is national poetry month. In recognition of this important acknowledgement of a classic art form, River City Books is sponsoring an open-mic poetry night at the Contented Cow. Interested artists are advised to “bring your own poem or someone else’s, read it interpretively, deadpan or just come and listen”. The event starts at 9 pm.

While you’re whiling away the hours waiting for the poetry, come on down(town). It’s Third Thursday, which means that stores are open late and many are offering special deals. There’ll certainly be good gatherings Downtown as your friends and neighbors will all be there.

One place to be sure to check out is Oolala. The new owner, Jessica Prill, is having a celebration from 4 to 9 pm. Perfect possibilities for personal products and poetry poseurs!