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digsisnews.jpgThe May 2007 issue of Country Living (a magazine that I, of course, read all the time) has a familiar face featured. On page 100, in an article called “Let’s Shop: Vintage Notions”. It lists nine “unique shops” that specialize in “old-school buttons, fabulous ribbons, antique millinery trim, and much more”.

Number one on the list is our own DIGS. Smiling out from page 100 is Linda Schneewind, owner (along with her husband Eric Hope) of the store in Northfield, “a small college town located about an hour south of Minneapolis”. According to the article, the store stocks “new, reproduction, and vintage fabrics, yarn, and notions, as well as letterpress stationary and home care products”, along with their custom furniture and upholstery.

The article illustrates something that many of us already know. You can buy just about anything you need in Northfield…and it’s better than what you can get most anywhere else.

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