Spring Art Crawl was a Great Success

ArtCrawl0407.jpgLast Friday’s Art Crawl brought much excitement to our Art Town. The galleries, the “crawlers” and the artists all considered it to be a successful experience.

Twelve different locations opened their doors to the art-loving public. All reported large and enthusiastic crowds. Pictured here is the “Galleria de Bagel Bros”, where famous Art Crawler Bart DeMalignon surveys the “Peace Garden”, a collaborative effort of High School artists.

Crawl organizer Nick Sinclair and I made an effort to get more emerging artists involved in the event. He lined up the artists of The Key and I asked the Summas to make their space available to the High School artists. The effectiveness of this initiative was obvious in the make-up of Friday evening’s crowds.

It was great. Let’s do it again real soon!