The Answer would be “Yes, and Thank You”

PresentPerfect.jpgI’m roughly paraphrasing Mary Rossing, owner of Present Perfect and the NDDC’s newest Board Member, at yesterday’s meeting.

Jane McWilliams, Bardwell Smith, Sue Lloyd, Sam Demas, Phillip Spensley and Dixon Bond came to our board meeting. They are the Arts, Recreation and Culture Committee (or “ARC” committee).

About four years ago, the NDDC did a long-range planning process facilitated by Charley Skinner. Out of the work came three committees: The Action Squad, the E. R. Team, and the ARC Committee. Among other things, the ARC Committee has worked to gain recognition for Northfield as an “Art Town”, supported the Art Crawls, gave birth to ArtSwirl, and monitored the Old Middle School Reuse activities. There has always been at least one member of the NDDC Board on these committees.

Then in December of ’05, the last NDDC board member “retired” from the ARC Committee.

But the group kept meeting. They were the driving force behind the ArtsPlan06 effort, key advocates for the new Arts Commission, and have started working closely with the CVB to promote our assets as an Art Town.

The six committee members showed up at the board meeting to ask if they should continue to be a working NDDC committee.

As the group was filing out of the conference room after their presentation, Mary turned to the rest of the board and said, “Let’s see, we have a group of people offering to work with us on achieving our goals…the answer would be “Yes, and Thank You”.

4 thoughts on “The Answer would be “Yes, and Thank You”

  1. Thanks Ross, you make me sound profoundly well edited. But really, I am constantly amazed at the amount of effort people in this town put into making it a better place to work, play and create; all working on projects in various corners of the community according to their particular interests…presently perfect!

  2. Well Mary, you heard what Wayne Eddy said about you on KYMN Friday morning…I’m sure he would have included “profoundly well edited” if he’d thought of it.

  3. Interesting conversation. I have been involved in the NDDC/ARC committee for two years as I served as Interim Executive Director of the Northfield Arts Guild. THe committee has often asked itself ” Is there a need for us to meet—-have we finished our work by convincing the City of Nfld to commit(at least in word) to supporting the arts in Northfield. The committee is filled with passionate people who care about the future of arts and culture in Northfield. They are to be commended for their efforts. As a former Nfld resident and involved community member, you all should consider yourselves lucky to have people like these folks who care about you and your quality of life.

    Rebecca Tofte(formerly Bazan)

  4. Thanks, Ross, for giving the NDDC Board discussion this visibility. With the board’s renewed support, the NDDC/ARC committee is eager to get on with our work. I envision our expanding the committee and laying out a work plan during the next month. We’re eager for suggestions and ideas from everyone!

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