A Key Place for Youth in Downtown

KeyAtCouncil.JPGThe Northfield Union of Youth (NUY) Northfield’s Union of Youth, the Key, is so successful at serving our young citizens that the time has come for the need of a significant expansion of their cramped facility.

The NUY presented to Northfield City Council Monday night with the agenda of asking the city for their currently rented building (which is city-owned). The representatives brought their recent annual report and, according to several attendees, “one heck of presentation” to the councilors.

Marie Fischer, Andrea Lovoll, and Ruth Amerman (pictured) gave a general overview of what the NUY is all about and then transitioned into asking for the city-owned building.

The NDDC has long been aware of the importance of The Key as a place for youth in downtown and the role that youth play in downtown.