Celebrate Your Independence

DraftingTheDeclaration.jpgCelebrate the signing our Declaration of Independence with Northfield’s own 4th of July Hometown Celebration.

Back in 1776, a Committee of Five, consisting of Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman, was assigned the task of drafting our declaration of independence from Britain. That’s right, we were governing by committee from the very beginning. They stuck Thomas Jefferson with most of the work, although Ben Franklin offered many “corrections” and John Adams was very concerned that the final draft be politically saleable to the varied regional interests.

The Americans had actually been at war with Britain for about a year and had to continue fighting for another seven years before freedom was assured, but the signing of the Declaration of Independence was a major milestone. There was really no turning back after this document was distributed to the world.

It took six years (and more committee work) after the end of the war before the United States Constitution was adopted. In another five years (and probably a task force or two), the ten amendments known as the Bill of Rights were added, and we were finally assured the basic freedoms that the American militias had been fighting for back in 1775.

So, celebrate your freedom to bear arms (and legs while dancing) on Tuesday, July 3rd with Siobhan Meehl at 5 pm, Sonicate at 6 pm, Books and Stars at 7 pm, and Down Lo at 8 pm. All performances will be held in Bridge Square in the heart of Downtown Northfield.

Wednesday, July 4th, features a day full of events, including bike racing, flea marketing, canoe paddling, kiddie parading, patriotic reading, and firework watching, as well as the Sean Prtichard Ensemble and The Zillionaires. All events (except for the fireworks) will be in Bridge Square and all can be included in the pursuit of happiness. For more information, see the Northfield Entertainment Guide.

But don’t stop celebrating yet. On Thursday, July 5th, you can enjoy your freedom to assemble when you gather with your friends and neighbors for the Northfield Community Band Concert for the final performance of the season, 7:30 pm in Bridge Square. It’s the 100th year of this very special community event so be sure to give them a hearty round of applause.

Finally, on Friday, July 6th, honor your freedom of expression with an art opening at Grezzo Gallery. From 6 to 10 pm there is a reception for fashion and art by Allyson Thornton, including music and a runway show, also on Bridge Square, number 16 to be precise.

So Celebrate Your Independence and Our Independents, in Downtown Northfield.

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  1. Sorry for the omission, don’t forget to go and watch the Northfield Silver Stars take on the St. Croix Base Ball Club on July 4th at 3:30 p.m. The game will be played at the foot of Old Main on the St. Olaf College Campus!

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