Rigorous Training Program

AlaskanTraining.jpgYou may have heard that I am no amateur when it comes to eating Alaskan Doughnuts. No, it’s none of that stuffing one’s face with hotdogs against a clock for me. Instead, I take as much time as necessary to work through more than one of these giant delicacies. It’s more of an art form than an athletic competition.

However, such prowess doesn’t just happen. Rather, I work long and hard to sharpen my skills, hone my moves, and perfect my technique. And one must start early to sufficiently train for this once a year event.

Here I am, slowly but steadily increasing my capacity…getting ready for next Thursday’s Crazy Daze (and Quality Bakery‘s Alaskan Doughnuts).

Crazy Daze and Alaskan Doughnuts come only once a year. It’s next Thursday, July 26th, from 7 am to 8 pm, in Downtown Northfield. So come on down, sip the coffee, taste the doughnuts, join in the fun, and take advantage of all the bargains.