30th Birthday Party

RarePairEvening.jpgThe Rare Pair is celebrating its 30th anniversary and is inviting the whole town to the party.

Opened in 1977 by Deb Bohnhoff and Ellen Cox, the store was operated until 1991 by Deb and Jim Bohnhoff, when it was purchased by current owners Krin and Dale Finger.

Krin has directed operations during a period of steady growth and business expansion. She is widely respected throughout the downtown business community for her competence and creativity. One her most recent accomplishments was choreographing and training the Shop Local dance line.

Jill Enestvedt (Queen Mum of ArtSwirl) was hired as manager in 1994 and recently shifted her responsibilities to Downtown Dynamo Ally Beyer to free up more time and energy for her art.

The community is invited to Rare Pair’s celebration from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm, this Saturday, August 25th, for ice cream, music and prizes.