Downtown Northfield is Number One

PPS_logo.gifDowntown Northfield has been named as One of the Five Best Neighborhoods in North America and the Best Small Town Neighborhood by the Project for Public Spaces.

The citation recognizes that:

Northfield’s downtown is full of energy and charm, from historic buildings to the graceful lamp posts to the store owners who bring their merchandise out onto the sidewalks. It is truly the heart of town, serving the adjacent neighborhoods and college campuses as well as the entire county.

The downtown layout is not just a straight strip of street lined with buildings. Roads curve off here and there, with more business tucked around the corners. There are many nooks and crannies in the downtown area, and one could spend an entire day checking it out. The Cannon River jogs through downtown and is surrounded by walking paths, bridges and parks along its waterfront. In the summer, local performing arts groups put on shows on a regular basis and draw many people. The downtown area really makes you feel as though life doesn’t have to be run at high speed every moment.

The piece goes on to identify what makes Downtown Northfield work. It cites Access and Linkages, Comfort and Image, Uses and Activities, and Sociability. It summarizes the reason Downtown Northfield is number one:

With parks, water, sidewalks, historic buildings, local businesses, art and more, this place has all the hallmarks of greatness that PPS discusses.

Of course, we at the NDDC knew this all along…

…but we sure do appreciate the PPS helping us to let the rest of the world know about it.

2 thoughts on “Downtown Northfield is Number One

  1. This is really sweet.

    We should get Jay Walljasper to come and speak/do a book-signing. It would be cool to combine with a Thursday night “event” at The Grand or on Bridge Square — with live music, food, etc.

    Another great example of what Northfield is all about.

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