Wayfinding Sign Arrives

WayfindingSignage.jpgThe first in what is scheduled to be a series of wayfinding signs in Northfield has arrived. It was installed on 4th Street, just up the hill from Division Street, on the south side of the First National Bank building.

A little over four years ago, the NDDC’s Action Squad made a presentation to the City Council on recommendations for public investments that would stimulate economic vitality. One of the suggestions was wayfinding signage. Many of these ideas were incorporated into the city’s Streetscape Plan. As NDDC President Dan Bergeson stated at yesterday’s annual planning retreat, this type of work requires great patience.

This morning there was an ad hoc review and discussion of the new sign, in the alley officially known as Grastvedt Lane, between Councilor Jim Pokorney, NDDC Treasurer Dave Shumway and myself. We were thinking that this might not be the final sign but rather an experimental prototype. Jim suggested that there will be another one going up at the “horseshoe parking lot” at the corner of 3rd Street and Highway 3. Both signs are intended to stimulate feedback before the series is completed.

So check out the sign, or signs, and offer feedback. You can call Joel Walinski at the City of Northfield, catch Jim Pokorney behind Blue Monday, or comment on this website. All of us are interested and will continue to discuss the sign. I’ll admit that I’m pretty excited about it.

By the way, bike racks and benches are coming soon!

8 thoughts on “Wayfinding Sign Arrives

  1. How long has Grasvedt Land, an alley, been between you and Pokorney, Shumway etc. I thought it was between the Bank and the Mandarin Gardens! Heh Heh!!!

    Seriously looks good! Dare I say great?!!!


  2. It’s a landmark day to be sure. I think this will be a great addition to downtown. One little nit: I hope that the 2 hour parking sign will be moved. It seriously mars the look, feel and effectiveness of the wayfinding sign. I’m also curious about what the new sign would look like on the street side of the pole rather than over the sidewalk.

  3. What a WASTE of Money! Is this really necessary to have wayfinding signs to find a “historic” landmark in a three block stretch of land? 1/2 block, 1 block, 1 1/2 block….. Spend some time/money figuring out a way to get the delivery vehicles off of (and blocking traffic) on Division .

  4. The sign on 4th Street is just a prototype to evaluate whether or not the sign is an appropriate size when installed. This particular mock-up was designed to sit at the corner of 4th Street and Division, not mid-block. The plan is to use existing light poles, where possible. There are a few logical wayfinding locations in which there are no existing poles.

    It would be good to remember that the purpose of a wayfinding sign system is to provide directions to visitors. Directions that are self-evident to residents are not necessarily as obvious to visitors.

  5. the signs look good to me. No waste of money. I am asked for directions by visitors everyday. I’m sure plenty of others don’t ask and miss some of the sites. The NDDC maps are popular with visitors as well.

  6. Just a question, does anyone know why its called Grastvedts Lane? There is a Norwegian family with that name, who moved to America.

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