Welcome to the Sketchy Artist

SketchyArtistWorking.jpgAlthough many of us were saddened by the closing the The Art Store, there’s a reason to be hopeful too. A new art store is opening in Downtown Northfield.

I got a chance to talk with April Ripka, the owner of The Sketchy Artist, a few weeks ago. She was busy getting ready to open, including spending time with Northfield’s famous sign artist, Jim Bohnhoff.

April hopes to open on January 2nd. She’s currently stocking up on inventory and having custom fixtures built. She plans to offer products for a wide range of creative types, including those of different ages, incomes, and skill levels. Her philosophy is “Let out your inner creativity”.

She comes to retailing with a wide variety of experiences. April was an art major at St. Olaf College (graduating in ’99), and has worked in many aspects of graphic design, including freelance advertising and web design. She currently is the web master (or is it mistress) for the City of Dundas. She plans to showcase Ole art in her store as well as work by artists she has met throughout her career.

So come on down(town) and check out the Sketchy Artist on January 2nd. Be sure to welcome April to the neighborhood!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Sketchy Artist

  1. yea! thanks for the post, Ross!
    unfortunately i won’t be able to open on the 2nd as expected. two weeks ago i unexpectedly had to get my appendix taken out, and it’s set me back a little bit. apparently my internal organs decided they did not want to cooperate with my master plan. but all is well now, and i am back in the game (minus one crabby appendix).
    the official super spectacular GRAND OPENING will follow shortly that first weekend in feb.
    keep your eye on the local paper for more info, and also the store’s website. i hope to get something up over the weekend, including a blog where people can give input on products they would like to see in the store and more!
    i really do apologize for the change in opening date. i can’t wait to open and meet people!
    in the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR northfield!

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