Downtown Cow Has a Name!

CowWinnersNDDC.jpgThe NDDC recently conducted a naming contest for their “cow-cierge”. After much thoughtful, and creative, deliberation, the Events and Marketing committee of the NDDC decided to put together two of the entries for a winning combination. Her name is now officially: PATTY CASH.

The winners are Jariya Goerwitz and Scott “Scooter” Houfer. Jariya suggested “Cash” with the additional phrase of “so you can milk it for all it’s worth”. “Patty” was the entry of Scooter Houfer who was quick to recognize that “cow patty”, though clever, was maybe not completely appropriate for the downtown mascot. Jariya is 7 years-old and is a 2nd Grader at Prairie Creek. Scooter is a bit older than 7 and, along with his wife Kerri, owns Echo Used DVDs and Games.

Here are Scooter and Jariya with Patty inside Echo. Rumor has it that Patty bought a used copy of the DVD Johnny Cash – Live from Austin, TX once the photo shoot had ended.

5 thoughts on “Downtown Cow Has a Name!

  1. Ross,

    That’s a good name for the cow. While I was away on spring break the best I could come up with were:
    Louise Pasture
    Demi Moo-er
    Jessica James
    Princess Graze
    Minnie Moos
    Congrats to the winners.

  2. Oh Michael,

    Some excellent ideas here.

    If only we’d known about “Princess Graze”, we might have been able to get our Cow elevated to DJJD royalty.

    Thanks much,


  3. It would be fun to see a list of all the entries. Michael had some great ones and I’m betting there were many others as well. My own were “Cowleen” and “Mooreen.”

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