NDDC Board Members Visit Downtown Businesses

The NDDC Board has launched a new initiative in 2008, more formal visits to downtown businesses. Although many NDDC Board Members own downtown businesses, and all NDDC Board Members frequent downtown businesses, there was an intentional decision to supplement the informal connections with a more structured approach.


In recent weeks, Board members have visited with Scott and Kerri Houfer at Echo Used DVDs & Games, Tammy Rice at Stonyhill, Aaron Morse at Hot Geeks, Sharon Sapp at Sweet Lou’s, Nate Thomsen, Aaron Kuhlman and Alison Anderson at Bad Brain/Next Level Cafe, and Dean Sorenmann at Final Course Cafe. The stated goal is to visit a dozen businesses every month.

BoardVisits006.jpgBoardVisits004.jpg BoardVisits005.jpg

It’s a great way to hear about the accomplishments and challenges of businesses downtown. It’s also a great way to get to better know some really cool folks in downtown Northfield.

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