Rice County Allstars Worth Checking Out

RCA.jpgAt 10:50 am, at the Carleton Convocation Hall, Robert Morris and Anthony Leach, will present “Spirituals, Hymns & Gospel Music” featuring solo artists from throughout the United States along with members of the Carleton College Choir. At 7 pm, at the Northfield High School Auditorium there will be Paquita and Footloose, the annual spring dance recital by Dance-n-Fitness students. Also at 7 pm, at Boliou Hall, Hulings Hall and the Art Gallery on the Carleton Campus the senior art majors show their final projects. Also at 7 pm, Kim Bloom is at the HideAway. At 8 pm, Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is being performed at the Arena Theater on the Carleton Campus. My personal pick of the weekend is the Rice County Allstars, a truly hot new band, 8:30 pm at the Contented Cow. Finally, Jeff Ray returns with his resonator guitar to the Tavern Lounge.

For that hard-core cultural experience, there is no better way to celebrate (of course) Norway’s Constitution Day then by attending a traditional Norwegian breakfast, 7 am at Buntrock Commons on the St. Olaf Campus. At 1 pm, at the Northfield Arts Guild Theater, it’s Saturday Morning Live, original skits, songs and comedy related to topical events. At 2 pm, it’s Paquita and Footloose at the High School Auditorium. At 3 pm, at the Northfield Middle School, it the Annual Spring Dance Recital of the Northfield Arts Guild. At 7 pm, at Hogan Brothers, it’s Dave Williams and at the HideAway, it’s Kim Bloom. At 7:30 pm, at the Middle School Auditorium, it’s the Northfield High Choir Concert. At 8 pm, at the Carleton Concert Hall, it’s a Concert of Spirituals, Hymns &Gospel Music. At 8 pm, at the Arena Theater, it’s “Romeo and Juliet”. At 8:30 pm, at the Contented Cow, it’s the high-energy new band, Last Known Whereabouts. Finally, it’s the award-winning Norwegian Cowboy, at the Tavern Lounge.

Finally, on Sunday, at 6 pm, it’s Politics and a Pint at the Contented Cow. At 7:30 pm, it’s the Northern Roots Session at the Contented Cow. At 8 pm, at the Carleton Concert Hall, it’s the conclusion of the Spirituals, Hymns & Gospel, with Essence of Joy, under the direction of Anthony Leach. I say Amen, my brother.