Downtown’s Latest Promotion is a Great Success


Based on the comments the nights of, as well as the days after, the First Annual JuneBug Music Festival was a great success. The weather supported the efforts of the organizers, the performances of the musicians, and the enthusiasm of the attendees.

Pictured here is Blue Moon, one of dozen local bands that performed during the festival. Yeah…that bass guitar player does look a little familiar…and that seems to be a Tiny’s cap that he’s wearing.

Griff Wigley, of Locally Grown, took a number of great pictures each night of the event. See his coverage, and photos, of Night One, Night Two, and Night Three to get a good sense of the experience.

JuneBug is just another example of how the idea of a couple of individuals, in this case Julie Bixby and Norman Butler of the Contented Cow, when supported by a few dozen hard workers and several hundred eager participants, can turn into a real community-building event. Of course the sponsors, Chapati, the Contented Cow, the NDDC, the Sitze Building, and Tiny’s Dogs All Day, helped too, by putting the necessary infrastructure in place.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the First Annual JuneBug Music Festival a great success. Let’s do it again, in Downtown Northfield.