New Railings Installed at Ames Mill Dam Overlook

NewRailingAtCannonDam.jpg In the category of celebrating life’s simple pleasures, such as fresh paint on crosswalks, new way-finding signage, and the installation of additional bike racks, there are now the new railings installed at the Ames Mill dam overlook. My appreciation for them last week was almost ecstatic.

The old ones were in pretty rough shape. Personally, I think that their replacement with these new ones in such an often visited place in town sends out a powerfully positive message about our community.

While I was perhaps being a bit too enthusiastic in my appreciation, putting my eyes within six inches of the railings and caressing the surface with my hands, several teenagers asked me if they were going to be painted. Analytically appraising the current coating, I shared my opinion that it looked thin and flat like primer.

“They should be black, to match the rest”, the group offered. I’ll respectfully pass that input on to Joel Walinski and his talented crew down at the City of Northfield.

2 thoughts on “New Railings Installed at Ames Mill Dam Overlook

  1. I have some (20 gallons or so) of very nice Valspar paint that I would consider selling to the City.

  2. Hey Bill –

    …and here I thought that the flat black paint was, in a small part, a contributor to the Dukes’ phenomenal success this year…

    Your guys’ hitting has been as timely as the Twins!

    Thanks much,


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