Last Quiet Weekend?

ChrisHerriges.jpgThe excitement and energy of 5,000 college students is slowly returning to Northfield, and next week is the Defeat of Jesse James, our town’s biggest party, so perhaps this is the last weekend, for a while, that Northfield’s year-round residents can come on downtown for a relatively quiet weekend of food, wine and music.

Critically acclaimed singer, guitarist and songwriter Chris Herriges is at the Tavern Lounge, riverside of the Archer House, 212 Division Street, tonight (Friday, August 29th), and popular Beatles tribute band The Eggmen are at The Contented Cow, 302B Division Street. Our opportunities to enjoy the river views of both of these fine establishments are winding down too.

On Saturday night, Norwegian Cowboy, with his unique mix of old-school country, alt-country and alt-ernator music (and famous pronunciation of Norwegian), is at the Tavern Lounge.

Monday is Labor Day, a tradition dating back to 1882 from the folks that brought you the eight hour work day (remember that concept?). In Minnesota, it’s more commonly known as “the last day of the State Fair”. Whatever your motivation for celebration, have a good one.