NDDC/Arts and Culture Commission Forum Seeks Policy Input

StOlafCollegeArtDept.jpgThe Northfield Downtown Development Corporation (NDDC), in collaboration with the Northfield Arts and Culture Commission, will seek stakeholder input on arts and culture policy at its August Forum, scheduled for Tuesday, August 5th at 8 a.m. in the Riverview Conference Room, located in the lower level of the Archer House, 212 Division Street, in downtown Northfield. The gathering is the intellectual kick-off of the Fifth Annual ArtSwirl Festival. The public is invited to attend and encouraged to participate.

Home to a number of institutions, galleries, venues and studios for a wide range of artistic mediums, Northfield is poised on the brink of regional recognition as one of Minnesota’s most vibrant “Art Towns.” With St. Olaf College’s recently completed arts facility considered among the top-rated in the country, and Carleton College’s proposed Arts Union promising a new paradigm in arts education, Northfield could soon be winning national recognition as an arts incubator.

A growing number of people in the community believe that arts and culture can lead the way to creating and supporting a new economy. The NDDC and the Arts Commission seek to generate ideas, to be presented to the candidates in the upcoming election, as well as offered to the city’s boards and commissions and community’s organizations and groups, of policies that can enable Northfield to maximize the potential that this sector holds for our local economy.

The NDDC is a non-partisan, non-profit community organization dedicated to the vitality of downtown Northfield. The event is free and open to the public. As always, coffee and cookies will be served.

For more information, contact Executive Director Ross Currier at (507) 663-0319 or rcurrier@nddc.org.

2 thoughts on “NDDC/Arts and Culture Commission Forum Seeks Policy Input

  1. Bright –

    We’ve held the Forums at that time to allow folks to participate in the networking and discussion and then head to work. However, we have held special meetings in the evenings over the years.

    The Riverview Conference Room is accessible. It’s in the lower level, river side of the Archer House. You can come in from the parking lot and it’s all on one level from the outside to the room.

    – Ross

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