South Central Professors Offer Tips on Generating Internet Sales

SouthCentralInternetForum.jpgAt today’s NDDC Downtown Forum, South Central College professors Scott Taylor and Chad Oudekerk talked about selling your product on the internet. In their context, the product could be anything from custom glass beads to a community’s business environment.

They noted that the potential sales source of feet on the street has been declining in recent years due to the number of competitive sales outlets. Their research indicates that the typical retailer now generates 20% of his or her sales from customers who are 100 miles away.

Websites, they suggest, are part of the solution to this situation. A good website can inform, build community, conduct market research, provide customer service and support, improve efficiencies in processes, and/or generate e-commerce.

They advised us to think of our websites as a new store location. The storefront must be interesting, the front door must be welcoming, and it must be easy for the customer to find his or her way around the sales area.

Scott and Chad are quite familiar with Northfield and our small businesses. Glass Garden Beads is a long-time client and Oolala is a more recent client.

Due to their collaboration with the State of Minnesota, working with these small business consultants is very affordable and can be scheduled to meet your needs. Contact them at 800-422-0391 or 507-332-5838.