NDDC Testifies at Legislature

HouseTestimony.jpgNDDC board members and staff traveled to St. Paul to give testimony on the commercial property tax issue in downtown Northfield yesterday. The opportunity was created by Representative David Bly.

The message was clear: since 2000, commercial property taxes have increased by double-digit percentages every year. Most building owners have seen their taxes increase by over 200 percent in the past seven years.

During this same period of time, rental rates have remained flat or, in many cases, have even declined. As a result, each year there are fewer dollars available for basic maintenance, much less money for building improvements.

Representative Bly introduced H. F. No. 2129 at the Property and Local Sales Tax Committee yesterday. It was successfully and unanimously moved to the Tax Division for further consideration.

Senator Kevin Dahle will be introducing the senate version of the bill, S. F. 1912 on Wednesday. The NDDC will be at the legislature again, supporting this effort.

We thank Representative Bly and Senator Dahle for moving forward on this important issue for downtown Northfield.