Mill Towns Trail Bridge to be Installed

TrailBridgeErection 003.jpg…tomorrow.

After getting an announcement from Mill Towns Trail advocate Peggy Prowe that the bicycle bridge over the Cannon River was going to be lifted and put in place, with the north and south sections joined together, and a tip from Mayor Mary Rossing the the event would occur Monday, April 27th, at 9 a.m., I headed over to catch the action. It was a “nipping and eager air” this morning, and noticing very little action, I returned to the office.

According to an unreliable source, there was a mechanical problem with one of the cranes. The erection/installation has been rescheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday, April 28th).

Peggy noted that the bridge, a long-awaited Northfield piece of the Mankato to Red Wing Mill Towns Trail, is “the result of Federal SafTLu Funds, Rotary Matching Funds, and State Bonding Funds”. Once the steel girders are in place, there are a few more steps in the process: a concrete deck must be poured, landscaping must be planted, and the in-town segment of the trail must be completed.

However, it seems that the project is still on schedule for completion in early July. I’m looking forward to riding over it.