100 Mbps to My Desk

100MbpsToMyDesk.jpgWell, I only went with 4 Mbps. However, I understand that a number of downtown businesses have gone with 10 Mbps and one business is at 50 Mbps.

100 Mbps to your desktop IS available to businesses in Downtown Northfield.

The NDDC switched over to the St. Olaf Telephone company late last week. Here is their Jack-of-all-trades, Jeremy Bokman, installing the new line.

I’m not anything near an expert on this topic. What I understand is that you can get internet service that is as fast as anything available in the world…in Downtown Northfield.

3 thoughts on “100 Mbps to My Desk

  1. Congrats Ross!

    I have been trying to get St. Olaf Telephone Company hooked up at NHS for over 6 months now….as you can guess I am getting a little impatient, because they keep telling me that it will be here in a month!!!

    I hear people talking about this fast internet, but I have yet to see it in action. I think it is a myth!!

  2. Hayes –

    4 Mbps is so fast I can’t even imagine 10 Mbps…much less 100 Mbps.

    I’ll bet you folks send some detailed images now and then and might actually need 10 Mbps…or even 50.

    I’ll see if I’ve got any “pull” up on that western hill for my fellow non-profit director.

    – Ross

  3. This is good news, Ross. Now all you need to do is find room for a sofa in your office and you can join the FTTC (fiber-to-the-couch) contingent.

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