Commercial Property Tax Payers Get a Break in Downtown Northfield

SamAdams.jpg…at least this Friday.

The Northfield Downtown Development Corporation (NDDC) is pleased to announce Commercial Property Taxpayer’s Specials, Friday, May 15th from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., at select establishments in historic downtown Northfield. Bring your commercial property tax statement in for a 50% discount on beverages. It’ll be the best deal that commercial property owners are likely to get on this day.

Rising commercial property taxes are threatening the economic vitality of our historic downtown. Since 2000, commercial property taxes have increased by double-digit percentages every year; most building owners have seen their taxes increase by over 200 percent in the past seven years. Commercial property taxes have now reached a level where the local market rent rates no longer cover operating expenses, much less generate cash for basic maintenance or building improvements.

We’re not sure if misery loves company but commercial property owners sure would love a better deal. So come on downtown, to the Contented Cow, Froggy Bottoms, J. Grundy’s Rueb-N-Stein and the Tavern Lounge (riverside of the Archer House) with your commercial property tax statement on May 15th and get a 50% discount on your drink. Who knows, maybe the State Legislature might even pick up on the 50% reduction idea.

The board members of the NDDC and downtown stakeholders in Northfield continue to hope and work for some tax relief for commercial property owners. However, now and then, we can take time to share some smiles with our friends.